Daami Music by Smooth Creation Pvt. Ltd



  1. What is Daami Music?
  2. - Daami Music is an authentic and legal Nepali music streaming app that gives you access to thousands of Nepali songs including various regional songs as well as karaoke features.

  3. How to download Daami Music app?
  4. - Users can download Daami Music app from Google Play Store and App Store.
    Tutorial Link :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHSAl7T1NuE&t=13s

  5. Is Daami Music available around the globe?
  6. - Yes, Daami Music is available around the globe.

  7. Is Daami Music free?
  8. - Yes, Daami Music is free for online streaming but premium users can enjoy with high quality music and offline download features.

  9. What kind of streaming and download quality does Daami Music offer?
  10. - Daami Music offers high, medium and low qualities for streaming and download.

  11. How to select stream/download quality?f
  12. - Users can select the stream/download quality from the ‘Settings’ section.

  13. Will Daami Music account work anywhere in the world?
  14. - Yes, Daami Music account will work anywhere in the world.

  15. What kinds of platforms and devices does Daami Music work in?
  16. - Daami Music works in any Android and iOS devices.

  17. Does Daami Music require an internet connection to work?
  18. - Yes, Daami Music requires an internet connection to work, which can be through either a Wi-Fi network or your mobile device’s cellular network. But for offline listening, your downloaded songs can be enjoyed without an internet connection as well.

  19. Does Daami Music sell songs or tracks?
  20. - No, Daami Music does not sell any songs or tracks. However, subscribed users can download unlimited songs for offline listening while the subscription is active. The downloaded songs are available only in the Daami Music app.

Account & Profile

  1. Do users need to sign up to use the Daami Music app?
  2. - Yes, all users need to sign up to use the Daami Music app. Users can sign up either with their Social Media account (Facebook/Google) or with their email address. (To sign up with an email address, users will receive a confirmation email after a successful registration. The account can then be activated by following the activation link in the email. In some cases, it is possible that the confirmation email might be directed to your Spam folder. Please make sure to check your Spam folder if you do not receive the email).

  3. How to register by Ncell mobile number?
  4. (DDM1/WDM1/MDM1/WDM/MDM) to 17155
    Note: DDM1 (1 Day Package), WDM1 (7 Days Package), MDM1 (30 Days Package) WDM (7 Days Package Recurring) and MDM (30 Days Package Recurring).

  5. Can Users change their password?
  6. - Yes, users can change their password from the profile edits section.

  7. Why can’t I log in?
    • The login can fail due to a problem with the internet connection or network fluctuation. So make sure that the internet connection is good.
    • Use of an incorrect email or mobile no. and password can cause login to fail (forgotten password can be reset).
    • Do not use the same email address which has already been used for signing up on Daami Music. If you sign up through a social media account or a mobile no. (Please use the same for login).
    • Multiple logins with multiple devices at the same time are not allowed.

  8. What happens if users logout?
  9. - Even if the user logs out from the app, the data stored will still remain the same.

  10. Why does Daami Music need mobile permissions?
    • Storage: For cache and storage of downloaded songs.
    • Location: For geographical payment options to subscribe and location- based features.
    • SMS: For Mobile number sign up and to subscribe to premium services using the operator payment mode

Subscription & Services

  1. How can users subscribe to a Premium service?
  2. - Users can subscribe from the Subscription menu (Settings section) by selecting the subscription type and the payment operator.

  3. What is Daami Plus?
  4. - Daami Plus is the premium subscription. It is the key to every door of Daami Music and Karaoke features.

    • Ad free(Google ad) unlimited music/karaoke streaming.
    • Unlimited music/karaoke download for offline listening.
    • Different bitrates for music/karaoke streaming and download.

  5. How to subscribe through Ncell SMS/USSD/IVR?
    • SMS: Type DDM1/WDM1/MDM1/WDM/MDM and send it to 17155
    • Note: DDM1 (1 Day Song Package), WDM1 (7 Days Song Package), MDM1 (30 Days Song Package) WDM (7 Days Song Package Recurring) and MDM (30 Days Song Package Recurring).
    • USSD: Dial *17155# and choose the package and send it.
    • IVR: Dial 17155 and follow the instructions to subscribe.

  6. Will the subscription fee be charged automatically?
  7. - Depending on the mode of payment, auto renewal might be implemented if payment is made from Google/iTunes, and NTC/Ncell (choosing an auto renewal NTC/Ncell payment mode), auto renewal is enabled.

  8. How to cancel auto renewal subscription?
  9. For NCELL:

    • By SMS: The user should send an SMS type STOP and send it to 17155
    • From app: Go to Settings section and tap the UNSUBSCRIBE button.

    For NTC:
    • By SMS: The user should send an SMS type UNSUB DAAMI and send it to 1422
    • From app: Go to Settings section and tap the UNSUBSCRIBE button.

    For Google and iTunes:
    - Users can cancel auto renewal subscription for Google or iTunes from theirs Google or iTunes account. Or, please click the link below and follow the instruction for the auto renewal cancelation process.

  10. In case of loss or change of mobile phone, how to move my Daami Music account to a new device?
  11. - The process is very easy.You just have to install the Daami Music app first and login with the same credentials through which the subscription was purchased. Users will need to download the songs again on the new device. But playlists and favorites will be retained.

  12. How to download song/karaoke?
  13. - After subscription, users can download unlimited songs/karaoke in the app. Users can download single song, whole album and playlists.

  14. Where are the downloaded songs/karaoke saved?
  15. - Downloaded songs/karaoke is saved in My Folder section. But downloaded songs/karaoke is only accessible through the Daami Music app on iOS or Android devices.

  16. If subscription expires, what will happen to the downloaded songs/karaoke?
  17. - Downloaded songs/karaoke will not be accessible if a subscription expires. Downloaded songs/karaoke will remain in the app and appear as downloaded but users won’t be able to play them offline. To enjoy the offline features users are required to renew their subscription.

  18. 10. Can users suggest or inform Daami Music app for any error, misspelled words and information missing in songs, albums or artists?
  19. - Yes, we would be pleased to hear about any errors in our app. Please write to us in feedback@daamimusic.com

Content & Features

  1. How to shuffle or repeat songs?
  2. - Go to the Pop up Player page, and select the shuffle/repeat button as you like.

  3. How to create playlists?
  4. - Android: My Folder > Playlist > Enter Playlist Name …..> Press “+” Button
    - iOS: My Folder > Playlist > Press “+” Button > Enter Playlist name > Add

  5. How to add songs in a playlist?
  6. - In the song list page, tap the option button (●●●) next to any song>Select “Add To Playlist” > Tap on Playlist name.

  7. How to edit/delete playlists
  8. - Go to the playlist page> Long press on the playlist name >Select “Edit” or “Delete” button.

  9. How to download a song?
  10. On the song list page, tap the download button [↓] next to any song and it will automatically download the selected song into the “Download Folder”.

  11. How to download whole album or Playlist?
  12. - On the Album/Playlist page, tap the download button [↓] underneath the art work and it will automatically download all the songs in Album/Playlist songs into the “Download Folder”.

  13. How to delete Songs?
  14. - Go to “Song Download Folder”, select the song and delete it.

  15. How to clear the entire downloaded data?
  16. - Go to settings and tap the “Clear downloaded Data”.

  17. Can users set the sleep timer for music player?
  18. - Yes users can set the timer from setting section.